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EVOHE RESORTS offers you the most appropriate real estate service for your home.

In our real estate agency  We have different real estate services that  They will help you make a safer purchase decision as well as other services to make your life easier in your new property:

<strong>Cleaning, gardening</strong> and <strong>renovation</strong> services

Cleaning, gardening and renovation services

At Evohe Resorts we offer all kinds of services from welcome packs at your property, to the maintenance of gardens, swimming pools and all kinds of refurbishments.

<strong>Full processing</strong> of the property

Full processing of the property

At Evohe Resorts we take care of all the relevant paperwork involved in the purchase and sale of a property. Everything that can be a costly task for the client, our real estate agency will take care of it. We will speed up the process as much as possible so that the client can enjoy their new home on the Costa Blanca South and the Costa Calida.

<strong>Notary</strong> Service

Notary Service

We will provide you with all the necessary documentation to be presented to the notary. This bureaucratic step can be somewhat complex, so our real estate agents will advise you, at all times, on the best decision for your wellbeing.

<strong>Document translation</strong> service

Document translation service

Our real estate agency is used to dealing with foreign clients.  Our professionals will be able to provide you with all the documentation you require, in the appropriate language. Making the client feel at ease during the purchase of a property is of paramount importance to Evohe Resorts. And with this service we help to do so.

Application for <strong>NIE, Residence Permit and Account Opening</strong>

Application for NIE, Residence Permit and Account Opening

If you come from outside Spain, our real estate agency will help you to apply for an identity document and a residence permit so that your stay in Spain will be as you dreamed it would be. In addition, we can also take care of applying for a bank opening so that any payment or income received can be made securely.

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